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Confectionery Market Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Confectionery Market - Assignment Example This is a comprehensive statement by MINTEL a marketing intelligence company. This explains the sudden exceptional performance of Cadbury as an impact if the overall chocolate confectionary industry sector. However, questions to be asked at this juncture are: The issue at this pointy in time for Cadbury is to sustain this growth.pattern. However, according to statistics, on one hand it would be able to match tis growth on the other hand other segments are offering greater returns. According to Industry Reports on 2006 Product Announcements and Sales "In 2006, thousands of new confectionery and snack products debuted tempting taste buds of consumers everywhere. 2,910 new confectionery products debuted, and Chocolate: 1,478 "Confectionery sales continue to cluster around major holidays, with Halloween leading sales in 2006 and Easter a close second. Halloween secured its lead with a 2.8 percent growth overall, while Easter stood out in 2006 posting a 7 percent sales increase thanks to a late April celebration. Also making gains, the winter holiday season and Valentine's Day both posted a 1 percent increase in 2006 and ranked third and fourth in overall holiday sales respectively."- The above statement depicts a new trend in marketing that is of event marketing. All over the world companies are finding events the best way to market their products to the right audience. As for confectionaries, these are impulse products most consumed after reminder advertising, brand awareness on special occasions and events. It is thus no surprise that then sales increase by 1% due to Valentines day. New Product Development "Top trends driving product releases of 2007/08 include flavor fusions, international influences, artisan palate, sweet benefits, simply sugar-free, originally organic, reinventing classics, the dark side and child's play" ( "Focussed attention in the premium and dark chocolate sectors of the market, which is providing strong growth opportunities. In April, Cadbury Schweppes relaunched the Old Gold dark chocolate brand and added a 70% cocoa variant. As a result, the brand grew 36% in Australia and by over 80% in New Zealand" ( Dark Chocolate segment: " In July, a new premium chocolate range was launched under the Cadbury Eden brand, positioning the business to tap into this fast growing segment of the market Our second half innovation program continues to build momentum with the exciting launch of Cadbury Eden into the premium chocolate segment"(, National Confectioners Association) It can be seen from the above statistics that the dark chocolate segment is an upcoming segment for Cadbury. Another segment that has a high potential is the organic food segment. Segmentation The various market segments that Cadbury brands are catering to are: - Cadbury gift boxes- for valentine gifts and for special occasions -priced higher. Cadbury Freddo-sells at a low price for kids to afford it. Cadbury 500 g bar with 10% more chocolate is for families with many

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Land law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words - 4

Land law - Essay Example The bank therefore, has the right to repossess and sell the house from Ben.1 By accepting to sign the mortgage papers as second owner though ignorantly, Ben becomes a holder in due course. Because the mortgage was transferred to him does not make him free of real defense. Real defenses imply the defenses ascribed to the formation of the initial contract.2 In this scenario, Ben was conned into signing the mortgage papers. Because he had been tricked into signing the paper, the bank does not have to allow him freely own the property. The initial agreement is paramount. Despite the fact that Ali has no revenue to recover the loan from Cait, the bank still has the right to recover the mortgage because it was not part of the agreement between Ben and Cait. The bank therefore, has the right to sue Ben and repossess and sell the house so that in can recover the debt that had been advanced to Cait.3 The bank has the right to repossess and sell Ben’s home because the terms and conditions of any mortgage allow the creditor to repossess the mortgage and sell it in order to recover its debt.4 In the scenario that has been presented, because Cait has lost her job and may be financially unstable to pay the loan, the bank has the entire mandate to sue her in a court of law so that it can recover the debt. Mortgages must also be paid within a given period of time.5 If the terms were transferred to Ben though ignorantly, he is expected to meet the deadline that the initial mortgagor had with the bank. If Ben is not able to meet this deadline, the bank, being a business entity that has all its operations governed by the law, has the right to go to court to compel the mortgagor to surrender the property. Inability to recover its loan within the agreed period of time according to the agreement implies that the bank will make losses. In the scenario that has been presented, the

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Stevensons The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Essay Example for Free

Stevensons The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde' Essay Stevensons Jekyll and Hyde is an examination and comment on mankinds dual-nature and societys need to allow the existence of one type of behaviour. Jekyll is a product of this society and Hyde is his alter ego. Stevenson creates evil within Victorian London and explores its effect and the public reaction to it. He allows it to grow leading to tragic consequences. Evil is represented in many ways, much of which is centred on Hyde himself and societys rejection to him. Victorian London was a dark, foggy, mysterious place, there were a lot of back alleys and secret hideouts in that town, where absolutely anything could happen, London was startled by a crime of singular ferocity, a fog rolled over the city, (both p31) This was the perfect setting for a book like The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde because there wasnt a setting to create, it was already there for Stevenson to use. The book is a mysterious gothic-horror, involving murders. With London the scene is already set for a book like this, with all the dark, dingy, old and smelly back-alleys, anything could happen, some city in a nightmare. (p34) Jekyll and Hyde was in many ways, similar to the events around Jack the Ripper, it was also written at about the same time as those events happened, so it was constantly compared to it, even though the two were totally different and not related in anyway, and neither influenced the other. The reason for their comparisons is the fact that they both involved murders, both also involved people having two sides to their personalities, Hyde is the evil person, while Jekyll is the respectable public face. Jack the Ripper was a murderer, and his public face was a respectable doctor (or who they thought was a respectable doctor)`, who no one would have ever expected to be murdering people. That is directly related to the Science vs. Religion argument about people, which is also directly linked to Charles Darwins Theory of Evolution through Natural Selection, which at the time the book, Origin of Species book was published was considered as a terrible thought. Charles Darwin went far over seas in the late 1800s because he was an ecologist, someone who studies environments, ecosystems and animals. When he went over seas, he found his way eventually to the Galapagos Islands. The islands are off of the west cost of South America, and are around the equatorial area. He noticed that some species of animals had changed, evolved in different ways, depending on the environments, the island the species on animals were living on, so that that animal could, be more efficient at being able to live. This is a theory that different species of animals evolve in different ways according to their environments, this is known as The Theory of Evolution Through Natural Selection. This was, of cause, a very big thing to say, as these challenged Christian beliefs, which state that God created all beings. Darwins theory was totally different to this because he said that animals change to create new animals to suit their environments. Stevenson believed that people can have many different personalities within themselves and that they can be separated. There was a civilised, public face, and a primitive, instinctual, and quite possibly evil side to each person. He showed this by writing the book Jekyll Hyde, which shows how someone managed to separate themselves into two people, Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde. The Victorian times were the age of Hypocrisy, where people were expected to do/act in a certain way whether or not they agreed with those standards or not. People, especially men, as in those day men were considered more important, were expected to be polite, wear suits, act in certain ways. This is why Jekyll Hyde is much more than a gothic story, it is a criticism of Victorian ways. Jekyll is a man driven by Victorian values, to be a perfect social figure, Jekyll, gets his pleasure through Hyde, a person who doesnt care what people think, he doesnt care about Victorian values, he has no care for them, he just wants to do whatever he likes. Stevenson based Jekyll and Hyde on a dream he had, his wife woke him up from it. After the dream he complained that he didnt get to see the full dream. He kept on having this dream/nightmare, so he decided to turn it into a book. He wrote a first draft, and read it to his wife, she didnt agree with it, so he burnt the copy and re-wrote the entire story again in three days. His book was obviously also influenced by society and the fact that people are expected to act in a certain way whether they want to or not. He was brought up in Edinburgh and Stevenson loved the old, dark side of the town with the back alleys and the mysterious areas, this was the setting for the back alley in which Hydes door is situated. The idea of duplicity, living a double, both being separate, one being secret, just like Jekyll and Hyde. Stevenson had a proper upbringing, as a child he was very sickly and had a lot of nightmares, Jekyll and Hyde probably originated in his mind that early in his life. Stevenson was also highly influenced by other works, other horror stories such as ones written by Deacon Brodie, Mary Shelly, (Frankenstein), and other gothic horror writers. He used some of the ideas in other peoples ideas, as well as incorporating his own to create the book Jekyll Hyde. All of these books show how people can change, how than can be different, how they can be split into different people. Jekyll decided to conduct experiments upon himself to try and see if her could split himself up. He initially wanted to split himself into a good side and a bad side, and by doing this he hoped that he would be able to ignore the evil side, so it wouldnt affect him, leaving him as a good person ridding himself of the bad side. He decided he was going to do this when he began to think that Victorian rules were wrong, he didnt agree with the value that one must do this, or one shall not do that. He thought that was wrong. So when he spilt himself up into Jekyll and Hyde he thought he could rid himself of Hyde, but he couldnt, he realised, as Hyde he could do what he liked, and no one would care because he is still respectable Jekyll at the same time. He had no care for rules. Hyde is a brutal person, and brutal is used when you do something and you dont care about what might happen to you after. He has no care for societys rules. Brutal is associated with ape-ish behaviour, meaning that he is a lowing being. He does the brutality out of instincts, because animals like apes act totally on instincts whether they are right or wrong. Because Hyde has such an instinctive nature, he is able to get his pleasures much easier, it is easier for him to do these things, and he doesnt care what happens. Jekyll thinks he can become Hyde just when he wants his pleasures, when he wants to do what he likes. But Hyde starts to take over as a character, he starts to become the dominant person, he gets stronger. Then the transformations between Jekyll and Hyde become involuntary, uncontrolled, and unpredicted, almost as if the two personalities were fighting each other. At first Jekyll doesnt mind changing into Hyde but after a while he gets scared, because he is scared about what eh might do as Hyde, he like being him, being able to do anything he likes, but he starts to get about what he might actually do as Hyde. He is only driven to this because he cant stand Victorian society so he splits himself so he can be great in one. The thing we have to remember is that Hyde is Jekyll, Hyde is the evil essence in Jekyll, which means that Jekyll has that brutality within him, which show that everyone does, we all have these features, but ours are not spilt into different personalities. Jekyll kept Hyde being himself secret because people would want to interfere or than would be utterly scared by what they have seen, it would frighten them literally to death. (Utterson Lanyon) In Victorian London Christians would think that unleashing ones evil side is a terrible thing. It would be like unleashing a Devil within everyone. The people who are doing it would be condemned, it would be considered so terrible the consequences of doing and what the Christians thought of you would be horrific. Hyde is evil. People what to physically hurt him when they see him because he has got such a horrible face. He is brutal, he doesnt care about what he doing, he doesnt care about what people think about him, he has no care for a civilised society; which shows he has a very primitive mind. He has no conscience, he just doesnt care about anything, and he doesnt feel any regret for anything he has done, and he doesnt feel any remorse for any of the murders he has committed. He also relies totally on his instincts, he always follows his instincts like an animal. He has no moral values. He is only concerned with pleasure he gets out of being anti-social. Hyde represents evil in us all, he represents our animal ape-like instincts and origins, he is the beast in man. Hyde is used to show the reader the evil within us all, he is the essence of evil within us all. Evil is used through Hyde to show appearance and actions of an evil person. In the book, Hyde commits one, possibly two murders. The definite murder was Sir Danvers Carew who Hyde batters to death with a walking stick. The other is a little girl who Hyde trampled over, of which he felt nothing. When he trampled over the girl, he was like an animal. Hyde trampled calmly over the childs body and left her screaming on the groundit was hellish to see. (p14) trampled calmly is an oxymoron, which is something that contradicts itself. You dont imagine trampled and calmly together, you think trampled angrily, ferociously or horribly. He is like an animal a damned juggernaut (p14) like a beast, a monster, just stamping on things, crushing everything as he goes. When he was killing Carew, he was described has having insensitive cruelty (p32), he feels no remorse for what he has done to Danvers Carew. When people see him they want to kill him, his face brings a sweat out like running, (p14) he has a grotesque appearance, downright detestable, I never saw a man I so disliked, and yet I scarce know why.(p17) He is so ugly, an evil ugly, people cant work out why they hate his appearance, they think he has some sort of deformity, which they cant quite spot, they dont know why they hate his appearance, and they dont know why they want to kill him. Hyde is a short, detestable looking anti-social, brutal, instinctual being, who has no respect for rules. Jekyll is a tall man, very polite, quite a social man, who is very friendly. Hyde slumps along as he walks, he doesnt care about how, or where he walks, he sees himself as a free person, to do what he likes. Jekyll understands the values of Victorian Society. Jekyll is a tall man, friendly, aged. He is the total opposite of Hyde. They are opposites, in every way, apart from mental strength. Everyone in this book as something to hide. People dont want their own Hydes becoming real; Enfield is a very good friend of Utterson, they are also opposite people. Enfield goes out late at night, something a lot of people dont agree with, we never find out what he is doing, but we know he is doing something. He is the man about town. Lanyon is a very good scientist (as is Jekyll) with very good, radical ideas about science. He is afraid about what he might become if he became to good of a scientist. He is afraid of the fame, and of the importance of being such a scientist. He is afraid of what he might discover. Utterson is afraid of what might happen to him if he was to get enjoyment out of things, thats why many people think he is such a boring person, because he doesnt allow himself to experience enjoyment because he is scared of what might happen to him. E.g. He doesnt drink, because he is worried about becoming an alcoholic. Society drives these people to Hyde themselves because they are worried about what might happen to themselves, and how other people reactions. The door is a symbol of evil. It is a symbol of everything that is old and bad in the world. The fact that a door so old rotten and horrible can even be found in Victorian London means that people (like Hyde) of the same nature can be found aswell. The door is very hostile, and people are obviously not supposed to got through it because it has neither bell nor knocker (p13) showing that whoever lives there doesnt want to meet people, and more importantly, doesnt want people to meet him. The door is recognised as a bad place, it is the crowding place of tramps were they sleep in the door. The door is blistered and distained (p13) showing that it is not looked after and that is it old. It is not cared about, it is literally just a way of getting into the house inside. Some people even try to pick at the moulds on the door, to see if they could get them off, no one cares about the people doing this. No one had appeared to drive these random visitors away (p13) no one cares about the door the people around its location. It is used as a doorway to the hell that his Hydes house. It is like a gateway, and as doors are always like the place the door leads to, it shows what he is really like, what the house is really like. It is a symbolic gateway, the exact opposite of the front door, the face of everything that goes on. What people really see. The fog in Jekyll and Hyde is used as a mask to hide away things that people dont want to see/know about in the town. The fog is always present when an event is about to happen in the story, and is always used to show that something evil is happening, or about to happen, it is there around all of the events in the book. When Utterson went up to Jekylls house the air was described as full of dust (p51), even in the house, there was fog in the rooms, the fog began to lie thickly (p37) showing the evil that is present in the house. Which is the other way the fog is used, it is used to show the evil, that is actually is hiding. Another way in which Stevenson builds up tension is the use of pathetic phallacy, the weather reflects, or influences the mood, the weather is always described in a way of describing the mood. So, when evil is about it will be raining, when everything is happy, it will be sunny. In this novel Stevenson makes extensive use of adjectives to describe the main characters. Here are a few with an explanation by them; Enfield is a talkative man, loves enjoying himself, he does things that people dont know about, and what people would think badly of if they knew about them I was coming home from some place at the end of the world, about three oclock (p14) this shows that he does things he is not supposed to. Enfield is a very good friend of Utterson, a distant relation in fact, and the get along very well. Enfield is the man about town, and he enjoys life. This is another form of duplicity, that Enfield lives a double life, but we dont know what it is. Utterson is a man who refuses himself such pleases, as he is afraid about what might happen to himself. He is a boring dull lawyer or is quite ugly. He is however the centrepiece of this book as everything that happens relates to him in someway. Hyde is a small man, who is ugly to look upon He was small and very plainly dressed, (p14) He gave the impression of deformality without any nameable malformation. (p15) He looks unusual but you cant actually recognise what is wrong with him. Hyde is a small man, he doesnt care about anything and he doesnt care about who he upsets or what he does. He just wants to do what he likes. He is an evil person who wants control. He is the hidden part of Dr. Jekyll. Jekyll is an elderly man, who is also a scientist, but a better one the Lanyon. Jekyll is a respectable man who everyone likes, although he has a disagreement with Lanyon about some scientific facts, he is liked by everyone and is very happy, sometimes he looks tired. Streets of Soho are described as dark and dingy during the night, but quite open during the day. They are cobbled streets, and they are all ordered and in a geometric pattern, so everything is straight. The alley to the door is crooked and is always dark, and has a foal smell, it isnt the place for people to be hanging around. fogged city moon. (p13) full of wind and dust. (p40) The laboratory has lots of bottles and equipment lying around, it is a very old, disused, derelict place, very much left, and a few things are broken as if they are done in fits of temper, lumber of crates and bottles. (p41) A doctor and a lawyer are well educated well respected people in Victorian society, they would have been brought up to speak correctly and they would be expected to as they are in a position of authority within the hierarchy of the town. They would have been told to speak in a specific way, a told how to act. Did you ever remark that door? Indeed. (p5) I think that the old style, archaic language isnt used deliberately and is a product of the era in which the book was written. It is the formal style of Victorian England, it is the way things were done in those days, a man of rugged countenance, (p3). It is the style in which we wrote that happens to compliment the mysterious and confusing nature of the book. During the book Hydes speech gets more erratic and more informal as the book goes on, becoming more and more uncivilized. He becomes more and more evil during the book, less and less in control of himself. Tell him I cant see anyone. (p42) that isnt polite or formal at all. First person narrative is a very powerful force in the book, as it gives you a much better insight into what is going on, and it makes us feel as if we are better in touch with the book, as if we are there. Third person is very clever as you are told the story from someone who has already been told it, and you are only given selective pieces of information for good reason, so the story unfold in a order as to make the story much more powerful. I think letters are great because you are reading them as if the characters are reading them, and you read the story at the same times the characters read the letters. In conclusion Stevenson uses a range of techniques and style to convey the development of the story and make the reader feel more in touch with the events in the story. He does this to great effect making you feel as if you are there, a invisible person in the story.

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Race and Class Affecting Education Essay -- Education

The decision of Brown vs. Board affected education nationally in 1954 by dismantling racism in schools. For this reason, segregation did not produce affirmative results for implementing equal opportunity in society. Citizens of the United States should receive a suitable education regardless of an individual’s race or class. Unfortunately, society is continuing separation because of the injustice of race and the location of poverty stricken individuals by not upholding a certain stature. â€Å"Compounding and reinforcing this educational inequality is the startling socioeconomic inequality and residential segregation in the United States† (Rist 4). Isolation of African American, Hispanic, and other minorities are affected because of their lack of prosperity, and it continues to influence society negatively by reducing the equality and opportunity to succeed. Race and class are the main issues of concern affecting education’s infrastructure; to change th is misfortune, people will have to stand to fight for proper education within the United States and not depend on the government. Education is being affected by the lack of proper parenting skills, scarce economic resources in school systems, and society’s misinterpretation of individual’s environment affecting learning capabilities. One of the primary causes of a failing education system is the insufficient amount of support from parents to improve education. For instance, majority of parents who send their children to impoverished schools are not playing an active role in their children’s education. Consequently, there are many factors that keep parents away from supporting their children’s educational needs. Parents may be working more than one job to maintain a roof... ...advantage of the opportunities provided to them. â€Å"In the last 40 years the United States has more than doubled its spending on K-12 education and now outspends almost every other country in the world—devoting 4 percent of its gross domestic product (GDP) to K-12 education compared with, for example, Japan’s 2.6 percent† (Goodwin 2). Nevertheless, citizens of the United States must put education first to grant children the opportunities to receive proper education, regardless of race or class. Works Cited Glenn, David. "Scholars Question New Book's Gloom on Education." Chronicle of Higher Education 57.24 (2011): a1-a11. Abstract. Print. Heckman, James J. "The Economics of Inequality." Education Digest Dec. 2011: 4-11. Print. Rist, Ray C. "Color, Class, and the Realities of Inequality." Society Mar.-Apr. 1996: 32-36. Print.

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Shown Before Photoshopped

By living in a visual world, companies frequently run ads using photoshopped pictures. The image presented is near perfect in appearance, yet it is not always truthful. Despite the numerous cautions implied by doctors or inscribed on cigarette packets, smoking has been a fashionable trend throughout the years. Some advertisements influence individuals in becoming addicted to the nicotine inside the health hazard wrapped within paper. Other advertisements tend to sway the viewer into pondering the general concern of the problem at hand.Photographer Mike Stubbs’s photo of Terrie Hall focuses on his subject’s physical appearance not altered in photoshop, instead, altered by surgery. By presenting Terrie Hall, a former smoker, in this advertisement, the harsh and shocking truth about smoking is exposed. This picture introduces Terrie as a 52 year old woman from North Carolina. A quarter size hole in Terrie’s throat causes one’s eyes to focus on the rest of her disfigured appearance. Directly to the viewer’s right of Terrie are large, bolded white letters that spell, â€Å"Record your voice for loved ones while you still can.†In Terrie’s lap is a small framed picture of her with her child. Unfocused, is a background of a white wall and another framed picture of the same child on a nearby table. Unfortunately in a society where one’s image is so important, these businesses and their buyers do not want people to know the underlying truth. Tobacco businesses would not enjoy the presence of Terrie Hall working for their company because of the effects of her cigarette usage over the years. The quarter sized hole in Terrie’s throat is the result of surgery to remove her cancer filled voice box and its surrounding structures.The hole, or stoma, is how Terrie breathes. Smoking also causes other life suppressing damages such as the deterioration of one’s lungs, bladder cancer, and other various chronic dis eases that advertisements do not consider when supporting their product. Most advertisements promote cigarettes by using a selection of people that are often fairly attractive. Michael Stubbs, on the other hand, selectively chose Terrie Hall for her true appearance. The advertisement or commercial commonly shows the desirable people in a party scenario where cigarettes and booze are prominent.What these companies are hiding is the truth buried beneath the photoshop and scripted lies. The CDCP, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, started the anti-smoking ads in 2012 and have continued these commercials into this year as well. â€Å"Officials believe the campaign led as many as 100,000 American smokers to quit† (Associated Press par. 5). Being the only one to return for this year’s round of advertisements out 24 others, she shares her everyday life to the public.Typically when Terrie wakes up in the morning, she has many tasks to accomplish before leaving the hous e like everyone else. But prior to breakfast, she throw on her wig and puts in her false teeth. Terrie tosses a scarf around her neck in order to cover the stoma in the middle of her throat. The puzzling message in large white letters to the right refers to Terrie’s loss of ability to talk due to the removal of her own vocal cords. Terrie Hall once stated, â€Å"It’s the only voice my grandson’s ever heard† (par. 15).Total laryngectomy is the removal of the entire voice box including the structures around it. The cancer moves into surrounding cartilage that makes up the voice box’s outer structure. From this, the trachea must adapt with the help of the electrolarynx, a device one must put to their neck in order to transmit sound into the throat. The vibrations create noise for the pathway of sound to emit into words and phrases. Terrie Hall’s appalling appearance on television caused the baffled viewer to ponder the message displayed.â€Å" It was the campaign's most popular spot by far, receiving more than 2. 8 million views on YouTube — more than any other CDC video ever posted online† (Associated Press par. 7). Unfortunately during this summer of 2013, Terrie’s cancer spread to her brain. No amount of radiation or surgery could have saved her life when Terrie Hall died in September of 2013. â€Å"She was a public health hero,† says Dr. Tom Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Frieden also mentions, â€Å"She may well have saved more lives than most doctors do† (par.2).By living in a visual world, companies frequently run advertisements using photoshopped pictures, so the image presented is near perfect in appearance. These pictures are not always reliable. Smoking can cause oral, throat, and lung cancer along with emphysema. Photographer Mike Stubbs’s photo of Terrie Hall focuses on his subject’s physical appearance not altered in ph otoshop, but by surgery. By presenting Terrie Hall, a former smoker, in this advertisement, states the harsh consequences of smoking.

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Human Relation Essay - 9189 Words

3257-Grey-02.qxd 2/21/2005 12:33 PM Page 43 2 Human Relations Theory and People Management The minutiae of the human soul †¦ emerged as a new domain for management Nikolas Rose Conventional textbooks often set up a simple story about organization theory which has a very appealing structure. In this story, there is a good guy and a bad guy. Who gets to play which role sometimes shifts, but most often the bad guy is the scientific management approach and the good guy is human relations theory. This is a flawed story in my view, and the way I will tell the story emphasizes the many connections and similarities between the two. But I suppose the fact that I am referring to ‘the two’ implies that there must be some points of†¦show more content†¦It was this which caused the increase in productivity and which demonstrated that the workers could not be regarded as mere parts in the organizational machine. Thus was born the notion of the ‘Hawthorne Effect’, a staple part not just of organization theory but of social science as a whole. The o ther study I want to mention was that conducted in the bank wiring room. Here, a small group of male workers were engaged in producing electrical components. It emerged that the group set informal norms around production levels so that, rather than produce their maximum output (which would earn them a bonus) the workers performed sub-optimally. These norms were enforced by a mixture of peer pressure (including physical sanction) and an unofficial ‘gang leader’. This suggested that workers were not solely motivated by economic 3257-Grey-02.qxd 2/21/2005 12:33 PM Page 45 Human Relations Theory and People Management 45 considerations and, moreover, that the ‘informal side of the organization’ was as important as, or maybe even more important than, the formal side (i.e. the rules and official hierarchy). The discovery of the human factor, so the story goes, ushered in a new era in which workers’ needs were acknowledged and met. This claim fits not just the ‘good guy, badShow MoreRelatedThe Scientific Management And Human Relations1138 Words   |  5 PagesOrganisational behaviour is influenced by two main theories, scientific management and human relations. The scientific management approach developed by Frederick Winslow Taylor is one of the earliest ideological approaches which attempted to explain a management process scientifically. The main goal was to find the techniques to improve production efficiency of workers scientifically. On the contrary, human relations studied by Elton Mayo studied the social interactions within a working environment.Read MoreManaging Human Relations3010 Words   |  13 PagesDefinition of Human Relations In our business world today, people who enter the workforce are discovering that interpersonal skills represent a very important category of basic skills valued by employers. These skills can also help us to cope with a wide range of work-life issues and conflicts that surface in our lives. Besides that, these skills will also help us in areas such as interviewing to get a job in the future, improving our personal communication skills and buildingRead MoreEpistemology And Its Impact On Human Relations1839 Words   |  8 PagesExistence in this sophisticated world as the habitat of human life has been faced with numerous challenges exhibited in policies that govern relationships. Human variations in perception of various life concepts are navigated by understanding, knowledge and the meaning attached to issues. Poverty, racism, global warming, terrorism, disease, political and religious affiliations are among the issues that impinge human relations today. These problems are influenced with people’s knowledge about existenceRead MoreEssay on Canine Human Relations869 Words   |  4 Pages Is dogs worth to humans simply as mans best friend? Throughout history, dogs have been protectors, companions, and pets. However, science is saying that there is much more to these creatures. Dogs Read Human Expressions, by The Huff Post, and The Doctors Dog Will See You Now, by Melinda Beck explain the scientific connection between dogs and humans. Science shows that dogs interaction with humans makes them more than just pets because dogs interact like human children and canines assistRead MoreWhat Defines Human Nature And The Hierarchy Of Human Relations?1328 Words   |  6 PagesWhat defines human nature and the hierarchy of human relations? In this paper, I will argue that Beauvoir s view that society constructs man, maleness, and the masculine as the human standard (rendering woman, femaleness, and the feminine deviant and defective) is flawed. Although Beauvoir s evidence was compelling I had several issues with some of the finer details such as what term designates a human being, that a woman s body is considered disadvantaged, and that female nature is defectiveRead MoreHuman Rights And International Relations1572 Words   |  7 PagesDower, N. (2007) ‘Human rights and International relations’, The Internatio nal Journal of Human Rights, pp.86-111 Whether there is a place for Human rights in the arena of international relation has sparked an interesting debate. Whereas some contend that the arena of international relations and foreign policy is evidently interest-led, some have sort to see an increase in a global agenda that places value on human rights and ethical considerations. Nigel Dower, bringing a philosophical backgroundRead MoreSocial Relations And Human Resource Management1223 Words   |  5 Pagessocio-economic, political etc.) has a significant impact on labor relations and human resource management (HRM). â€Å"The human resource function matters more than its practitioners tend to think. Human resources is a crucial point of intersection between the broader society and business† (Capelli Yang, 2010, p.1). The impact of societal issues such as unemployment, poverty, inequality and lack of human development on labor relations and HRM is significant. Context (cultural, socio-economic, politicalR ead MoreHuman Resource Management And Labor Relations951 Words   |  4 PagesName: Priyal Patel Course name: Human Resource Management and Labor Relations in the Aviation and Transportation Course number: 47-506-01-FA15 Human resource management in Aviation:Recruting and selection. Abstract The commercial aviation industry is safety-sensitive, high technology and extremely competitive service industry. The implications are vast and pervasive affecting no less than the organisation’s strategy, culture, and numerous operational activities.Read MoreTaylorism and Human Relations school of thought2175 Words   |  9 Pagesmanagement became a ture science. However, in 1930s, pactical problems caused by Taylorism led to its replacement by the human relations school of thought. In this stage, theory built up with the diffusing of labour movement in capitalism countries. This essay will focus on two of the earliest management approaches of Taylorism (scientific management ) and the Human Relations School of thought. First the writer would like to compare and contrast of the two theories. This is followed by the centralRead MoreHuman Dignity in Relation to Universal Healthcare1814 Words   |  7 PagesHuman Dignity is complex there is no solid definition but similar words such as value and worth arise (ACU, 2014, 2.1.2) Many have different definition of what human dignity is these are two main categories of what human dignity means to people: Category 1 Some understandings of human dignity are based in the belief that it is something all humans already have, these are called â€Å"Attributed Dignity† (Weisstub and Dà ­az Pintos, 2008, p 27) - Because we are human, OR - Humans have special attributes

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Research Methodology Of The Research Approach - 978 Words

This chapter outlines an overview of the research approach adopted in the study as well as the research methodology and the practical approach adopted to achieve the set objectives of the study. In addition, it also highlights the data collection methods, ethical considerations, and data analysis. Case studies will be used as a research strategy as they are distinguished by their ability to investigate a phenomenon which, in this case, will be the upgrading heritage buildings through sustainable designs and construction. The chapter also rationalizes the sampling approaches and the research methods used for collecting the data in the case studies. To achieve the objectives, data for this study will be collected using two qualitative research methods: document analysis and semi-structured interviews which were used to give a scholarly definition of the term â€Å"sustainable adaptation to heritage sites and buildings† which is part of the objectives. The chapter also looks at the qualitative analysis techniques which will be used to analyze the data. 3.2 Research approach The difference between qualitative and quantitative research is basically a methodological issue and the researcher’s decision to choose a specific research approach should be based on its suitability to answer the established research questions (Bryman, 1992). A qualitative approach according to (Creswell, 2003) should be a logical subjective approach and should be able to describe experiences andShow MoreRelatedResearch Methodology Of A Research Approach Essay1745 Words   |  7 Pages3. Research Methodology In order to address the objectives set out in this research, a quantitative research approach has been employed and follows models developed by Tinbergen (1962), MacCullum (1995), Andrew (2002), and Augustin and Tawah (2012). The study is designed in such a way that it doesn’t take the entire model developed by any one of these scholars, instead it adopts those variables which are appropraite to the situation under investigatation and adds some relevant explanatory variablesRead MoreResearch Methodology On Quantitative Approach1798 Words   |  8 PagesCHAPTER THREE: 3. Research Methodology 3.1. Introduction 3.2. Research Approach This section highlights the main research approaches in depth, along with their associated methods. After reviewing these methodologies in details, this section will end by selecting the most suitable approach for this research. 3.4. Quantitative Approach A quantitative research could be defined as a process that is formal, systematic and objective, where numerical data are used to gather information about somethingRead MoreMethodology And Epistemological Approach Of My Research Essay1861 Words   |  8 PagesMethodology For describing the research design of the thesis, this chapter aims to explain the methodology and epistemological approach of my research, to provide the detailed outline of research design and research process, to address the ethical issues involved in the fieldwork, and to reflect the limitations. 1. Methodological approach The methodological approach of this study is guided by its aims and research questions. This section starts from the clarification of research questions to explainRead MoreResearch Methodology For Adopting Mixed Method Approach1282 Words   |  6 PagesMethodology: In this chapter, the research methods commonly employed in social sciences, namely, qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods will first be discussed. I shall then describe my own research design, including the philosophical approach I adopted. This approach will be explained by identifying the ontological and epistemological standpoints assumed. The research strategy will be clarified, and the sampling procedures and participants of the study will be described. The processes of dataRead MoreResearch Methodology : Scientific And Systematic Approach For Relevant Information On A Specific Topic1204 Words   |  5 PagesResearch Methodology 3.1 Introduction Methodology is a scientific and systematic approach for relevant information on a specific topic. Suitable and correct usage of methodologies determines the consistency of success of any research. Bryman (2008) and Ethridge (2004) suggest that methodology used in conducting a research ascertains the objectives of the research. The collection of data, structuring and analyzing the results or findings needs proper usage of techniques and methodology. This chapterRead MoreWhat Is The Generic Qualitative Approach? Essay1266 Words   |  6 PagesPART A 1. What is the ‘generic qualitative approach’? There are various research methodologies in qualitative research. However researches sometimes do not find one particular methodology to fit the all types of research. When researches face this kind of challenging situation, they tend to accept ‘generic qualitative approach’. Generic qualitative approach is not guided by an explicit and set of philosophic assumptions in the form of one established qualitative method. Generic qualitativeRead MoreResearch Methodology Used For Research1207 Words   |  5 PagesResearch Methodology Introduction This chapter discusses the methodology used for this research. Describing type of methodology in research study and define the chosen method and approach for this research. Then, the outline of research strategy used, framework this research conducted and data sources collected to obtain valid and reliable research as the objective determined. Review of Research of Methodology Broadly speaking, there are several purpose of research. It depends on the objectiveRead MoreA Research On Studying And Learning And Knowledge Obtained From Constant Education870 Words   |  4 PagesResearch is a goal an individual aims to discover, learn, observe, and ultimately write about. It is a practice of pursuing the process of discovering knowledge on a specific topic. I once told someone what I find to be intriguing to me and they also told me what they unearth to be fascinating. They appear to have squandered too much time on the issue, but, I was young then and seem to be new to his universe of knowledge. Their advice was doing a research in order to uncover everything aboutRead MoreThe Social Construction Of Experience1437 Words   |  6 Pagesas observable and external so that they are interested in conducting research which is based on measurement or calculation. Therefore, it is the ontological and epistemological beliefs that usually drive the methodological p references, but what helps the researchers make their final decisions about research methods is the guiding research question(s). Sechrest and Sidani (1995) point out the commonality that both methodologies â€Å"describe their data, construct explanatory arguments form their dataRead MoreResearch Methodology On Agile Project Management1734 Words   |  7 Pages3. Methodology Chapter 3.1 Introduction to Methodology The purpose of this chapter is to describe the research methodology used in completing this dissertation. This chapter starts out by describing the initial research and literature review that was performed and then further describe with relevant research methodology. A research method is being selected and explained. A sample of questionnaire and interview questions can be obtained in Appendix. 3.2 Prestudy and Approach ( Literature Review )